The worthy ₹10 I spent the whole year.!

by DonOfDen

Posted on 25 Jan 2018

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I’m disturbed by an event happened today. I don’t know how to express that feeling. I think everyone can relate to it. Some of you might have been through it.. but would have never noticed it.

Today I thought of having a good dinner, it’s been days since I had a satisfying dinner, because of bad health., so I went to a hotel today: had a wonderful meal. And Then this happened to me…

When I came out of the hotel to take my bike from the parking lot, I saw an old man who works for the hotel parking came near me and said… VANAKAM SIR with a sour voice… I saw him.. then I realized he is expecting some money.. as we usually give in many hotels…

I started searching for a coin from my pocket.! It’s that point I realized by seeing him.. that the way he sounded.! I realized that he might have done that parking work from the morning… he is that much drained in energy.. you know how much it is to move a bike inside a parking space… I saw him taking the bike out from parking for so many people…

I don’t earn much but I have enough to give. So I thought I can afford him ₹10 which I had.. even at that point in time I saw that person, he was very calm and sad…

I took the money and gave him.. that’s the time I realized the happiness of giving… I saw the happiness glommed on the old man.. I don’t have a word to express it… I saw the happiness in his face.. he was shocked by getting ₹10.

After that event, I took my bike and came back to my home.. its 15min drive I couldn’t even think about anything other than the old man’s face.! I might forget that face but I will never forget the feel he gave me.

Why I’m disturbed then?

  • Did I do something good, Which is Of my potential?


  • I just made a mistake by giving him ₹10. Now that he might expect the same from others.. and end up in sadness.?

  • Did I make him happy? Or I’m just going to increase his sadness in upcoming days? 😞

I realized something today..! All levels of people are living in this society.. a ₹10 tips for the waiter inside the hotel means nothing.. compared to the person working in the parking lot.

So, what am I trying to say with this.?? Nothing… yes, nothing!!! Now that you understand the difference you can make in others’ life. YOU might step forward to do, without your knowledge…

For people who think: the old man is in a job.. and earning too. it’s just a plot to get money from customers.. PLEASE don’t think like that, We can’t judge people.. you or I never know in what situation he is in..

Finally, this is the best ₹10 I spent the whole year.! Which made me share such event… more than that it made me realize the value of giving.

I don’t know what I did. Why I did.! Till now… it’s a question which needs an answer…

Thanks for reading 🙏

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