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About Us

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Aravind Kumar - 📍 Belfast, UK - based Software Developer by day and Batman during dark! and you should also know that I am Intrigued by Open-Source!

I'm not a perfectionist. Excellence is my pursuit!

I love to learn new things every day. Question Everything? Python, PHP, and MySQL are my specialties, though I also dabble in Frameworks / Languages like GoLang, SugarCRM, Joomla, Wordpress, Codeigniter and Zend in the past. I believe the purpose of studying is sharing with others. The happiest thing in my life is sharing everything I've known with more people.

What I'm learning is, even after getting the perfect job, I'm still continuing to learn and grow.

Right now, I'm a technology freak who really loves coding. I'm really passionate about what I do.

What I believe in is
We live in a world where robots can drive a car, so we shouldn't just write code, we should write elegant code.

Also, I'm a big fan of rain, snow, and mountains -  Green place basically. It sums up that I'm a nature-loving person.

Wait.. wait.. you should really know this. I'm a big ARSENALArsenal! Fan!

Software Eng




I am happy to know you
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My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

My Public Website https://donofden.github.io
JavaScript 3 1
CLI script to retrieving data from JIRA 📊
Python 3 0
Python 5 0
Pebble is a stat's visualization tool, this will provide a skeleton to develop a monitoring tool.
Python 2 0
execute workflow with networks
Python 1 0
Python Flask automatically generated Swagger 2.0 / 3.0 / openapi documents
Python 2 1
Validate JSON Schema using Python
Python 6 2
Pytest for AWS Lambda and Dynamodb using Moto.
Python 3 1
Galactic is project which binds software with outer space, its a fun project to understand outspace and python :)
Python 1 1
This REPO is all about my bash aliases and functions
Shell 0 0
A CLI Dictionary Application, where you type a word and get its meaning from Oxford Dictionaries. Based on the Oxford Dictionaries API.
Run and compile your programs more efficiently with this handy automation tool.
Makefile 1 0
Repository for the Taskfile template. Reference: https://github.com/adriancooney/Taskfile
Shell 1 0
A python script for syncing two folders in a machine.
Python 2 1
Get Git Stats using GIT API
Python 1 0
Chrome Extension
Tool to simplify your email. If you’re like me, you receive way too many email newsletters every week and they clutter up your inbox. Instead of unsubscribing from all of them in a fit of rage, This tool will captures these emails and moves them all into a single folder.
A script to recognise object present in the image. This is a sample of how to use https://github.com/OlafenwaMoses/ImageAI
Makefile 1 0
This Script will check for any new version of Jenkins release in compare to the installed version
Python 2 0
CLI script to retrieving data from Azure DevOps 📊
Python 2 0
This is MY VM where Im playing around with Ansible and to understand the IT automation deploy.
HTML 2 0
Send Message/Notifications to Slack Channels using Python Script
Python 2 1
VSTS Delivery Timeline View - Dynamic Load from VSTS Plan
HTML 1 0
My Personal Assistant
Python 1 0


Anna University affiliated Saraswathi Velu College of Engineering

2006 - 2010

Government Higher Secondary School, Ranipet Dist.

St. Thomas Matriculation School, Sipcot. Ranipet Dist.


Work Experience

Senior Consultant / ScrumMaster at EMIS Health Jan 2021 - Mar 2022

Lead S&R (Search & Reports) team that handles Search Creations and execution over DataLake.

Consultant / ScrumMaster at EMIS Health Jan 2018 - Dec 2020

Worked as a core member of the development team in Python for Search and Reports Team and acting as consultant and guide a team of engineers, Full end to end development to deployment on AWS. Major responsibilities include decoding the existing system and migrating it to the new system by implementing different features.

Senior Associate at EMIS Health Jul 2016 - Dec 2017

Worked as part of a small team on our internal systems stack, utilising tools/applications such as SugarCRM, Wordpress, Guzzle, Composer, Jenkins and many more.

Team Lead at Smart-Sys U.I May 2015 – Jul 2016

Server, network, and hosting environment Relational and nonrelational databases How to interact with APIs and the external world User interface and user experience Quality assurance Security concerns throughout the program Understanding customer and business needs